2013: Learn

I have decided to adopt a word for the year.  I haven’t done this before because my resolutions didn’t really fit under a word theme.  However, this year, everything I want to do falls under the word learn.  I have so many things I want to learn and I haven’t really been intentional about learning in years.  Sure, I’ve learned stuff in the last few years, but I’ve been out of school for five years now, and back then I was intentional about learning.  I devoted time to it.  I invested in it.  Now, I want to give time to learning things that I want to know, rather than working toward a degree.  I also want to take classes in things to help me improve.  There are several areas that I want to grow & learn in for 2013.

I have purchased online classes in spinning, weaving & photography.  I want to take those classes and learn more in these areas.  I’m a novice spinner and have only woven one thing on my Cricket.  This year, I want to improve in those areas.

I also want to get more advanced in crafty areas where I already make stuff.  I would like to learn to do free motion quilting & to finish some projects I’ve had in progress forever, namely quilts for each of the boys.

I got a new camera for Christmas from my dad, which was an awesome gift!  I want to not only use it to take pictures of the kids, but also expand my knowledge of photography.  My dad gave me a couple of books and I have the aforementioned class to take, both of which should get me started technically.  Creatively, I bought this Time Capsule course that Francesca recommended because I saw the example time capsule videos and thought those would be awesome to have for my boys, so I’ll be taking that class, as well.

I want to read more books that drive me to learn.  I’m hoping to read more than 26 books this year, and to make them books that are intellectually stimulating (for the most part, anyway).

I want to learn to be a better parent through more reading on the topic.  We have some good systems in place, but I’m sure there is much I have to learn, especially as I am learning the personality of C2 and how different approaches will be necessary for his personality from how I’ve approached things with C1.

I’m sure there is more learning than even what I am thinking of now ahead for me in 2013.  I am hoping to use the blog and flickr to record what I’m learning.  I’m also hoping that having one word to focus on throughout the year will challenge me and help me to remember my goals.  I guess only time will tell!


3 thoughts on “2013: Learn

  1. I love the idea.of having a word for the year! I’m looking forward to hearing about the things you learn and create this year.

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