An Eye For Photography


I don’t have it yet, but I’m trying to cultivate an eye for photography.  I want to take better pictures.  Part of that will come with learning my camera better, which I am trying to do, but part of it is in learning composition and how to see what could make a good picture.

I took the kid to our local farm last weekend and had lots of fun taking pictures of something that is a routine thing for us.  Taking pictures allowed me to see it in a new way, to almost take a tourist approach to it.
Do Not Climb On Tree

Last week I challenged myself to only use Aperture Priority mode on my camera, as well, so all of the images were taken in that mode.  I’m hoping by restricting myself to different modes of the camera, or to playing with certain settings, I’ll learn the best times and ways to use the various aspects of my camera.


2013 carries many of the same challenges as the previous years…namely too much to do and not enough time, but I’m having fun trying to find a way to learn something new each day, even if that something new is how to fit it all in that day.  I saw a phrase at the end of 2012 that said “the days are long, but the years are short” and I really feel that is true with my young family.  I’m just trying to find more ways to soak it in.  Bringing my camera along, when it was just C1 and I, allowed me to look at an errand with fresh eyes, and enjoy our prolonged time there, without rushing him out of the swing onto the next task.  There’s only so much time when his biggest concern will be how long he gets to swing, and I want us both to enjoy this time more.



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