New beginnings

The start of our adventure

I love new beginnings. For me, the new school year was always a time for new beginnings, even more of a “new year” sort of feeling for me. I remember as a kid being so excited for the new school year and the shopping for new clothes and school supplies made it even more exciting.

I don’t have a school aged kid right now, so there’s really no reason for the school year to feel like a new beginning anymore, but it still does. I find myself in the school supply aisle trying to decide if I could justify buying that new notebook or those new pens. Really, I don’t need any of it, but a new notebook just feels so nice.

This weekend, I’m going to do my own version of preparing for school. First off, in the busy-ness of the summer, the house is a wreck, so housecleaning is in order. On Sunday, my friend and I are going to make freezer meals ala “once a month mom”. I haven’t done this on my own before, but I do love having some “go to” meals in the freezer. I also have big plans to bake – some cookies, banana bread with the too ripe bananas and some granola. Just a little bit of home time to prepare for the end of the summer and the new beginning of the school year!


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