Finish Line

This took me forever, why are we not surprised! But, I have the results of my bloggy contest! First off, thank you SO much for your support! We were able to raise $400 for the MS Society. It may not seem like a ton (and I hope to do a better job with it next year), but when you multiply that by the 13,000 riders on the ride, a lot of money was raised for a great cause!

We got up SUPER early on Saturday of the ride and headed to the start line.

At the Start (YIP 4/17/2010)

Mostly, the kiddo was fascinated by the cows and the bikes and the husband was ready to get on the road! From there, the kiddo and I headed to Austin in the comfort of our truck, while the husband headed there on the bike. The ride overall was good, in spite of spotty rain on both days.

The next time we saw the husband was at the finish line!

Finish Line (YIP 4/18/2010)

It’s so fun to see all of the people meeting their goal of finishing the ride for a great cause. I was super proud of his accomplishments, and it got me motivated to get back on the bike.

I felt like each of you who contributed were there with us, cheering him on! Thanks again for your support. I’m excited to be able to make socks for one of you!

So without further ado, I made a list of the names attaching numbers to them and giving each of you a chance for each $5 contributed. Then, I used a random number generator and the winner is….(drumroll please)….

I’ll contact you for details about what kind of socks you want! 🙂


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