Thinking of Spring

Salad in January (YIP 1/5/2010)

I know it’s already January, but I’ve started thinking about Spring.  The lettuce in my garden is still growing, but it and the carrots are my only winter “crops” (I realize I’m lucky to live somewhere warm enough to maintain those).  I’m starting to get excited about gardening this year with all that I learned from it last year.  I also picked up a new skill this year that will help me use up my garden.

The remains of the canning

This is the last of my canned goods from last year.  I’m already planning ahead for all of the things I want to can this year.  The first thing up will likely be strawberries.  There is a farm close to us and we’ll go picking again so I can make a year’s worth of Strawberry Jam.  I’m trying to find out all of the things grown at local pick-your-own farms because it’s so much fun to go pick it and eat it and the kiddo loves it, too.

So, as I sit here in the cold (relatively speaking) with my fuzzy socks and sweatshirt on, I already can’t wait until spring. Summer, on the other hand, that can wait.


4 thoughts on “Thinking of Spring

  1. We’re planning on doing some square-foot gardening this year and I am really looking forward to it! I hope to do some canning too – I haven’t tried it before but I know it would be great to have homemade goods during the long winter months!

    • If you don’t have it already, get the Square Foot Gardening book. It’s excellent and is a great resource! Also, the Ball Canning book is the best book for learning to can. It’s way easier than I thought it would be, just like following a recipe! 🙂 -sb

  2. Gotcha’. Had such a great time meeting you and talking about boys and hats and knits. Will be seeing you in the future here and rav for sure. 🙂 amiee

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