Finishing Frenzy

Monday Morning Cardigan

I am dedicating January to finishing things I started last year!  I have many projects that are almost finished, but just need a little attention, like the Monday Morning Cardigan above (my <ahem> Rhinebeck sweater)  And, a couple of projects that were supposed to be finished for Christmas but, um, aren’t.  So, I’m trying to start only one project while in this finishing frenzy, socks for the husband because none of the other projects are portable.

Here’s a list of things I want to finish –

Monday Morning Cardigan (raveled)
Shalom (raveled)
Baby Bear (raveled)
Meandering Mitts
Cousin’s Christmas Stocking

I don’t know that I’ll finish all of these in January, but I’m sure going to give it a go!


4 thoughts on “Finishing Frenzy

  1. Good luck! My New Year’s Resolution was to take a moment each Friday and evaluated my WIPs and UFOs and decide whether I would Finish or Frog them. I started a Ravelry Group to spur me on – Finish or Frog It Friday. Perhaps you’ll join us? I managed to stay focused (but not monogamous) on my knitting projects and finished many old lingering projects. I still have about 6 projects that I simply can’t frog… and am starting to finish them. This week I’m finishing my oldest UFO – 5 years old!!! I know it will feel like such a sweet victory when it’s done.

    Best of luck to you. You’ve got some lovely projects on your plate. I can’t wait to see the FOs. Good luck and happy knitting.

  2. ooh, I so need to do this. I lovelovelove that Monday Morning Cardi too – I might need to make one. I guess starting a new project isn’t finishing old ones, right? hahahaha! happy new year to you and your fam, girlie!

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