And since I don’t even want to read about how tired I am, I haven’t been blogging.  I am working on finishing some presents for my step-mom and step-sisters prior to Thanksgiving.  They are for Christmas, but since I will see them on Thanksgiving and not Christmas, I am trying to take everything then to avoid shipping things.  So, I’ll have some finished project pictures soon. 

I’m mainly posting to see if anyone out there has any bulky scarf pattern ideas.  I bought this super cool yarn at Rhinebeck that is nice and bulky to make a quick and easy scarf.  I was going to do a one by one rib and keep it simple, but I’m really not enjoying knitting it.  And, why buy cool yarn if you don’t enjoy it.  Part of the problem is the needles, so I plan to buy some wood needles instead of the insanely loud metal needles I’m currently using.  It’s a nails on the chalkboard loud.  Very annoying.  But, I’m also open to other pattern ideas, so let me know if you have any!  Thanks!


10 thoughts on “So.Tired.

  1. the so-called scarf would be a little tough with bulky yarn i think / it works better on worsted weight / it makes a really thick fabric. i like making garter stitch scarfs with big yarn. boring, but it has a very different look in chunky yarn than it does in small. or maybe try moss stitch rather than ribbing? or do a broken rib. do k1p1 on even rows and k3p3 on odd rows, or something similar.

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