Rhinebeck Rhinebeck Rhinebeck

Since you have probably seen a ton of re-caps by now, I’ll try to make mine quick and get to the fiber acquisitions in the next post. 

So, upon arriving in New York City, I met up with Anne Marie and Carrie and we got in our crazy rental car (a bright orange Chevy HHR) and went out in search of lunch.  We found this great little pizzaria place and got great pizza and baked ziti.  I had to take a table shot.


We spent the night in Brooklyn and headed up to Rhinebeck after breakfast with Anne Marie’s brother, his kids, Lara and Sarah (who joined us in the middle of the night).  The first thing we hit was the blogger meet-up.  It was crazy!  I was excited to bump into Kathy there and then I was determined to find Stacey.  After having met both of her parents, I really wanted to meet her.  It was a fun five minutes and I look forward to heading out to Colorado sometime to see her.


We hit the festival and immersed ourselves in the vendors for the rest of the day so I don’t have any pictures.  That night, we headed to the Morehouse Merino store for their gathering.  Behind the Morehouse Merino store was a beautiful creek and since we don’t really have autumn colors here, I had to take a shot.  I had a blast getting to talk to Alison and Johanna about the Melody shawl and having all the girls help me look for more yarn in the colorway I was set on buying.


After Morehouse Merino, we were hungry.  We checked into the hotel and headed to the place next door.  I think it was the Coyote Grill or something.  There Sarah and Maya discovered some fun drinks…


Carrie had a plate of infamously huge ribs…


and Frecklegirl Jessica and Anne Marie were all smiles.


That night, I got to sit and knit and (most importantly) chat with Carolyn, Silvia (two of the funniest people I’ve met), and other fun (and funny) folks.  I never cease to be amazed by the great people that I have been able to meet through the fact that I knit and will fly many miles to buy yarn.

The next morning we took a group shot out in the parking lot.  Unfortunately, the first one didn’t turn out so I took a second one (and I’m still in it, see my shadow?).  I love Anne Marie’s model pose.


The next morning, we made a whirlwind trip back through the festival for last minute purchases.  As we were meeting up to head back to NYC, we ran into a sheep of sorts.  It was too funny to not take a picture.


And that was the drive-by re-cap of my Rhinebeck experience.  It was obviously too much fun for words. 


7 thoughts on “Rhinebeck Rhinebeck Rhinebeck

  1. i read the first paragraph wrong and kept expecting pictures of loooooooooot. doh. and then i saw my name! woot! i rock! 🙂 ha ha ha ha just teasing. it was awesome to chat with you for more than our normal 5 seconds!

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