Ode to Maryland (picture heavy is an understatement)

Oh how I loved Maryland.  Many of my friends have already told you all about it, so I’ll just expand & tell a bit of my story. 

I met up with Kate in the airport baggage claim.  I saw a girl across the room that I thought was her and that girl picked up her phone, then mine rang, so I knew it was her.  Luggage-less Betsy soon joined us and we embarked upon our adventurous journey to finding lunch and our hotel.  We got everything settled in the hotel only to discover that the AC didn’t work and we had to move downstairs.

Around 6, people started joining us and a group of us went to dinner and came back to knit a bit and crash early in preparation for the full day ahead. 


We woke up early, grabbed a quick bite from the hotel and headed for the Festival (how cute are Kate, Maya and Frecklegirl)


At the Festival, Kate and I powershopped (we repeatedly picked up the same yarns, luckily we didn’t have to battle it out for anything as there was plenty to go around), Frecklegirl bought my T-shirt for me (she was already in line and is super nice), and before we knew it, it was time to grab a bite and head for the Meet-up.   You already know that was crazy fun.  One highlight was getting up the nerve to talk to Maggi, who I recognized and, when I approached her, she was so nice!  It’s silly that I even got nervous, but it is what it is, and I’m glad I said hello!  Now for some other highlights.

The joy of the Chibi with Lara and Anne Marie


The big ole’ field


Sarah & Maya smile while Anne Marie takes her field picture.


Then, with our shopping and blogger meeting complete, we were able to just enjoy the festival, complete with animal meeting and funnel cake eating (no pictures of that, I was too busy eating).  Oh, and Betsy introduced us to some soap she had bought earlier that is currently making my house smell so good that it might not be gifted.



I’m worn out just writing about it.  More tomorrow!


8 thoughts on “Ode to Maryland (picture heavy is an understatement)

  1. Another great year – and this time, I got the chance to talk to you a little more 🙂 So much fun!
    Love the pictures and a BIG congratulations on the thesis defense!

  2. R-H-I-N-E-B-E-C-K
    Everyone say it together. Spell it out. Sing it with all your voice. Chant it over and over again.
    Besides you have a voucher!

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