Why, Oh Why

Why, oh why, do I have monkey arms?!  I think for the first time in my knitting history I am knitting a sweater with sleeves that are actually long enough.  Okay, so I think this is only my third long sleeve sweater, but at least I won’t constantly be tugging at the sleeves.  Thing is, I have one sleeve finished as of tonight.  And, the official Yarn Harlot timer says we have three days.  I cast on for this sleeve on Sunday night, so it took me 3 days.  Problem is, I still have to sew the sleeves on and do the neckline.  Let’s just say it’s gonna be close.  Especially because I’m leaving on Friday to go out of town.  And, I forgot the smaller needles that I need to cast on the next sleeve.  I was in Hobby Lobby twice today (yes, once wasn’t enough) and I still don’t have the needles I need.  I wish I would have known I needed them at that point.  Ladies and Gentleman, Olympic delirium has set in.


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