Spring has Sprung

Evidence that spring is here, I’m fighting the fatigue that accompanies the adjustment to daylight savings time, the weather here is beautiful, and flowers are blooming. See…


This is the little purple sweater that you all voted on. The comments were overhelming that I should do embroidered flowers and the floral buttons. So, I’ve spent some time embroidering flowers this week. Those little boogers are slow going. It took me all of American Idol just to get through the ones you see here.

In the midst of working on finishing up projects, the new Spring Knitty comes out! There are a lot of projects that look appealing, but I think my first project will be Spring Fling because I have yarn that will work for that in the stash. Then, I’d like to make the Cocktail Monkey bag. I’m not sure if I’ll include the monkeys or not, but I think it’s the perfect summer bag and a good opportunity for me to try a fabric lining. This Knitty was definitely worth the wait for me. Not everything is something I would make, but they inspire me to be creative.


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