Tonight was the New Orleans audition night on American Idol and I missed it.  I guess worse things have happened but I’m kinda bummed.  You gotta hate it when work gets in the way of guilty pleasure television.  Anne Marie and Carrie, did you see us???

No knitting today, I had some time sitting in my car waiting for the work function I had tonight.  I opened up my knitting bag and got Wavy out.  I reached for the pattern…it wasn’t there.  I managed to leave the pattern at home so knitting did not happen. 

I did mail some knitting related packages today.  It was fun to go into the post office and mail things to three other countries and two other states.  I mailed the sherpa hat to my friends in Germany so we’ll see how it is received.  They were really excited about the baby sweater (it was my Superbaby sweater) that I had sent to them previously so hopefully this will be received similarly.  I mailed some surprise things, too, but I’m a bad secret keeper so I’m not going to be quiet now before I give something away.


3 thoughts on “UNbelievable

  1. We watched AI and didn’t see ourselves. Clearly the show is BOGUS! Carrie’s sister TiVo’d it so we can scan the crowd shots for our 15 seconds of fame.
    Can you believe that Gene Simmons was there?
    Ah the memories…you’re ready for next year, right?

  2. I saw it! And the crowd shots were like totally too fast to see any faces, but my sister Tivoed it and of course we have plans to slow-motion the crowd scenes to see if we’re in them. Hee hee.
    In a strange occurrence of perfect timing, our local paper published an article I wrote about American Idol today! I’ll email you the link to the online version.

  3. I watched last night but there were very few crowd shots and they went very fast. However if you go to the American Idol website and go to the photos there are tons of pic of New Orleans. I didnt see you in any of them but since I dont know your friends then I might have missed yall.

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