Snowless in the South

No snow here, not that we’re surprised, but we did get a good enough cold front to make us want to stay indoors this weekend.  It was warm on Saturday but by Saturday evening, the temperature was dropping dramatically.  The weekend was great, complete with a trip to a coffee shop, a lunch at a new restaurant, and getting stuff done, like cleaning, shopping, and of course knitting.  I am past the halfway mark on my Wavy scarf, which is a good thing since I’d like to wear it this weekend in Utah.  Here’s the progress, so far…

Wavy2 Wavy1

It’s really hard to capture the waviness and the colors.  I’m using Cascade 220 Quattro, so it’s a blend of pinks and a blend of purples.  The pink is not quite so electric, but it is pink, for sure.  The whole goal of this project was to use up stash yarn, but I didn’t have two of the same skeins of 220, so it’s going to be a half and half type scarf.  I just wasn’t feeling stripes.  Hopefully, it won’t look too strange once it’s complete.  I’m thinking about trying to tie it all together with purple fringe on the pink side and vice versa.

I know other people have mentioned this before, but I think knitting has really opened me up to a lot of colors I wouldn’t otherwise have explored.  I distinctly remember buying my first pink shirt (not including those bought for me), or should I say being forced to buy my first pink shirt, 3 years ago.  Now, I own at least 5 and I’m making a pink scarf!  People who know me well are stunned by this. 


2 thoughts on “Snowless in the South

  1. I think that wavy scarf is going to turn out fabulous. Trying to use up random yarns in various colors is a great way to be creative. Doing so with a scarf project ensures that you won’t have invested too much time in case you decide you don’t like it and want to rip it out. I made a two toned scarf for that very reason!

  2. I really notice the colour thing with socks. I would never buy purple striped socks! But at the same time, I’ll probably never knit black socks — boring.

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