The Good, The Bad, and The Funny

I’ve seen "good and bad" lists on other blogs recently, so I thought I’d add some funny to it and tell you about my weekend.

The Good…

  • I finished my baby Sherpa hat, as modeled so gracefully by my planter thing.  I know the real name for those but don’t know how to spell it so there ya go.  The pics are a bit dark because I remembered to take them around dusk last night.

Sherpa_hat_finished2 Sherpa_hat_finished

  • We rode our bikes this weekend, 3 hours, around 30 miles.  I really enjoyed it!
  • I also knit half a scarf this weekend.  My friend asked me to knit her a novelty yarn scarf so I went out and got the yarn and knit half of it in no time at all.
  • I got a free oil change this weekend.  I went in to get an inspection and oil change and they only charged me for the inspection.  I didn’t realize it until I got home, I had no idea what an inspection costs.
  • We went out with friends on Friday night and had a good time.

The Bad…

  • My butt has never been more sore.  3 hours on a bike is a long time.  I am sore all over but the worst part is the butt pain.  Only 4 months until I’ll be on a bike for two days straight, hope this training is working.
  • I get back into school this week.  I need to go full steam ahead to try and finish my thesis.  I am beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel and have the desire to finish by this summer so I can enjoy the summer, I just may not have much time to enjoy this spring.
  • I still didn’t accomplish all I had hoped to this weekend.  There are a few more things that must be addressed before I get back into my thesis.  I’ll just have to find time this week.

The Funny…

  • I took my knitting to the car care place on Saturday morning.  I knew it would take a while and Jason was still sleeping so I brought my knitting to keep me busy.  I am reaching a point where I like to get reactions when I knit in public.  I’m proud of this skill and am okay with people messing with me.  The guys kept looking at me, watching me.  I know it wasn’t because they were checkin’ me out, I had no makeup on and had barely brushed my hair.  When I checked out, every one of them commented on my knitting.  One of them asked if I had finished a sweater and the other one told me that the next time I come in I could make him one.  I thought it was funny to see these big burly mechanic guys so mesmerized by knitting.

3 thoughts on “The Good, The Bad, and The Funny

  1. The butt soreness from long bike rides gets way less the more riding you do. Honest. Last year during the peak of my training season it was not nearly as bad as early in the season. You’ll still have soreness after your two dayer, but the training does get easier/better.

  2. Did you say, “Sure, it will only cost you $200.00!” I always get “My grandmother corchets too.” I give em points for the fond memory, but take a deduction for not recognizing knitting. Love the hat!

  3. Its always interesting to see people’s reaction to KIP. I think these men secretly would love to have someone spend their time creating something special just for them. Do you road bike or mountain bike?

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