Expectations and Reality

Today started out fine, it’s a beautiful day here, feels like spring.  I came into work and hit the ground running, ready to be productive.  I ate a candy bar, the first snickers I’ve had since before Christmas.  Things were good.

Then, I got a call from my husband to say that he does have Monday off (which is a good thing) but he doesn’t get paid until after the holiday, not before like I expected.  I heard somewhere that stress happens when expectations and reality don’t match up.  Common sense, I guess, but a good way to think about it.  I got frustrated because we won’t be able to do the things I had mentally planned for this weekend, most of them require money.  Then, I got frustrated with myself for being frustrated about money when we are so lucky to have what we do when so many need so much.  Blech.

I’m over it now, have apologized to the husband, and will spend the weekend creatively entertaining myself on a budget.  I will also take a creative trip to the grocery store for essentials so we can eat.  We are out of just about everything.  And, looking on the bright side, I have plenty of yarn. 

Speaking of yarn, I finished a scarf last night.  This morning was foggy so I couldn’t get a good picture of it (too dark), but it’s a novelty scarf out of Bernat Boa that a friend requested.  I will be going to visit her the last weekend of January and I’m trying to finish three scarfs for her by then.  She only requested two, but I couldn’t resist a third.  I haven’t knit a purely novelty scarf since my second knitting project.  I’m not a huge fan of paying attention to the yarn so closely, but otherwise it’s going very quickly, which is nice.  I’m in my "instant gratification" phase and the scarves definitely give me that.


4 thoughts on “Expectations and Reality

  1. Sometimes creative entertainment is the best. Think of it like those times when you go into your knitting stash and look for the perfect yarn to knit “X” pattern. You don’t find the yarn but find another that would be excellent for “Y” pattern. Grab that yarn and the needles and go!

  2. In times of need, you can always count on your stash to keep you entertained. Funny thing, when I have extra money, I don’t go out and do something “fun,” I usually just buy more yarn.

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