A Knitter Again

You know those things that you used to label yourself as…like I used to be a soccer player or I used to be a writer…but you just don’t relate to those labels anymore because you haven’t done those things in a long time? That’s how I feel, I used to be a knitter. It has been about two weeks since I had time to pick up the needles, until last night. I did track down my knitting needles and my IK magazine and started right in on those no sweat pants. I’m only a couple of inches into one leg, so there’s not much to show yet, but I will post pictures when there is something to see.

Now, I have future knitting promise, too. Today I ordered a ton of yarn! I took advantage of the Colourway sale (which ends on March 14th, by the way) and ordered two bags of All Seasons Cotton and a bag of Calmer. So, I’m officially in on the Audrey along and will soon have the yarn to prove it. I’m also all set up for a couple of tanks! I have been eyeing this yarn for about a month, but have held out on buying any because I wanted to make sure that we had the money to effectively make our move. Well, we survived our move and I have now reclaimed my yarn allowance (two months worth). I have not yet created anything substantial with Rowan Yarns. In fact, my first Rowan project was my little Calmer hat of recent history. So, I’m excited and hope they live up to their following.

This weekend will be filled with activity, once again. We will be sodding the back yard so that my little dog has a yard to play in. I’m also in charge of unpacking the hobby room and finding the rest of our clothes. However, in the midst of all of this, I will reclaim my life as a knitter.


4 thoughts on “A Knitter Again

  1. Once a knitter, always a knitter. Just keep one unfinished project on the needles, and you’re a knitter. Keep one ball of yarn in sight somewhere…you’re a knitter.

  2. Old knitters never die, they just unravel? I don’t know what that means, but welcome back to knitting! Glad to see you back to blogging, too! Congrats on the move and the new house.

  3. I laughed out loud when I read your first paragraph :))))) I wondered where the “I don’t feel like a soccer player anymore” line was going. You are a knitter! You’re just a very busy knitter with school and moving. My goodness, you’ve had a lot to do. There will be more time for knitting soon. Hope you like your new place!

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