No Sweat

I got started on my No Sweat Pants last week and made some great progress on them on Friday night. I had to work in an exhibit hall and while there weren’t many people in there, I got to knit. That was a trip. I had so many people come up to me and ask what I was knitting and it was a bit weird to tell them I was knitting pants. I had many a raised eyebrow, but when I showed them the pictures, they understood what sort of pants I was referring to. I even had one girl ask if I would make them to sell because she would buy them. It made me laugh. Anyway, one advantage to living in a house is taking outdoor pictures without having people stare at you!


Honestly, it had been dark when I had worked on these pants, so I didn’t realize until I got them out of the car on Friday that the color variation is so vibrant. I was excited. The colors are great. Thanks again, Bonne Marie! The pants are hanging on a chair my husband’s father built for me that sits on our porch. Cool, huh?


Have you ever sodded a yard before? I learned this weekend that it is not very much fun. The grass was delivered on Friday and my husband worked on Friday night to knock some of it out. Then, we got up early on Saturday morning to finish it up. He would tote the grass back to the backyard in the wheelbarrow and dump it out. It was my job to put it in place. I had no idea it was so heavy! I am very sore, but it was nice to get outside and do some physical activity where I could actually see my progress. Once I found the cord that connects my camera to my computer, I went a little picture crazy. So, here’s a gratuitous shot of T-Bone enjoying his new yard.


I spent today searching for silverware. My search was unsuccessful. I finished moving in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and most of the living room and the silverware has not surfaced. We are currently “making do” with four random forks. We just got our silverware for Christmas so I’m a bit sad that I can’t find it. We’re still hoping it will surface, but the chances are getting slim. I thought you might want to see the new place, so I’ll leave you with a pic of our new living room. Keep in mind, we do plan to hang things on the wall. We just have to buy them first. 🙂


4 thoughts on “No Sweat

  1. Yay! New houses are fun! Unpacking feels like Christmas to me bc I don’t label things very well and I forget what’s in which box. Oh, and houses aren’t hard work *all* the time (just most of the time). But it’s still great. Congratulations!

  2. That is one happy dog! I’m no good at unpacking, I moved to the new place in December and we still have things is boxes. I’m going to need to devote one weekend to unpacking and getting this house in order.

  3. Pants are looking great! I had no idea that some of the Homespun was variegated. You can’t always tell from the skein how much color differences will appear. Yours look really cool though. A pleasant surprise!

  4. Yay, your pants looks great! I’m almost done with leg 2…I can’t wait to have some fun pants to lounge in. T-Bone looks so relaxed and happy.

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