People Watching

Yesterday, I couldn’t face another fast food meal for lunch, so I decided to go to Le Madeline by myself. I’m not a big “go out to eat by myself” type of person, but I have finally become comfortable with it. I had a great caeser salad and cup of tomato basil soup and I watched people during lunch. It’s so fun to see what people are talking about and to watch their expressions. The funniest was a little old couple. They had just gotten everything set up at their table and given their trays away to one of the employees when the lady discovered that they were sitting near a door and it was cold outside. So, she went on a hunt for another table. She came back to tell her husband and they picked a few things up and very slowly he began to follow her. But, instead of going to the table that was just a couple of tables away, she wanted to go to the one all the way across the restaurant. Their little pilgrimage back and forth and the muttering of her husband was hilarious! I could imagine my husband muttering like that now, which just shows that some things never change.

I mentioned a while back that I had taught my co-worker how to knit. She picked it up right away and last week, I showed her how to purl. She’s made a couple of hats for her kids and a headband for her baby girl. Now, she’s starting on a blanket for her toddler son. Yesterday, we embarked on knitting a gauge swatch. Up until now, she’s just been following patterns, but she wanted to make a 60″ square blanket with yarn that didn’t have a pattern for something that size. So, I had her knit the gauge swatch and showed her how to do the math. It was so satisfying to see how she has progressed and, while I can’t take credit for her progress, that I was able to take some role in that. She mentioned how relaxing knitting is and how it gives her a bit of a break from having two small children sometimes. My sentiments exactly (ummm well without the two small children, unless you count Jason and T-Bone).

This week we have dealt with so many people, from securing house insurance to switching over all of our utilities, it’s been quite a trip. Communicating with some people can be very difficult. This weekend, we’re packing. We have a nice little stack of boxes started with many more to go. I am hoping we can get most of our belongings packed up this weekend so that next weekend I can focus on cleaning this place up. I really don’t want to have to do much to the apartment once we get everything over to the house. Oh, and our closing date is January 26th, so we have less than two weeks to get everything together. That’s exciting but a bit intimidating. Tommorow, we get to buy all of our appliances, oh what fun! I am also hoping to knit a bit this weekend and possibly finish the Ribby Shell, but I’ll keep you posted.
Happy Valentine’s Day!


4 thoughts on “People Watching

  1. Usually if I have to eat out alone, I have a book or magazine to read. But it’s also great to sit alone with a cup of coffee or tea, and knit. In fact, it’s great to sit anywhere and knit…but you know that. šŸ™‚ Good luck with your move.

  2. Good for you for eating alone. I remember when I was first learning to do that and how weird it was. An odd kind of uncomfortable – not too strong, but odd enough that I always wanted a book. But your people-watching experience sounds fabulous. Good luck with YOUR move, too! Keep us posted…..

  3. I liked your story about the couple as he muttered and followed behind. All of the “guys” get like that eventually :)))))) Good luck with the big move, Sarah! I hope you love your new home. I’m so excited for you. When you get your new Rowan magazine, let me know if you think it’s worth the $. I keep contemplating if I should subscribe or not.

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