Knitters, Knitters Everywhere

Last night, I discovered the Houston S-N-B! Yipee! They have only met once so far for a little KIP (knitting in public) and they are meeting again tonight, so I’m going to go. Hopefully, it will be great fun. Many of them are not knitters, but stitchers of other types, so I will learn a lot from them. Then, today, my friend at work whose baby I have knitted for told me that she used to knit and wants to make her baby a hat for their Christmas trip. I’m going to go home tonight and whip out a simple pattern that I’ve used before and tell her tommorow what supplies to buy. Next week, I’m going to try to re-teach her so that she might be able to make a hat for her baby. I used a pattern once that was just knit flat back and forth and only used decreases, so I’m hoping that will be easy enough and then we’ll stitch it up. I figure K2tog is easy enough to learn for beginners. We’ll see. It’s kinda scary to teach a newbie because I feel like it’s some reflection of me if they don’t “get it”. Well, I gotta get back to work. Oh, and I’ll try to post pics of my secret project tonight for those of you (Carrie) 🙂 who want to see it!


2 thoughts on “Knitters, Knitters Everywhere

  1. http://www.lionbrand.com has a simple hat pattern that doesnt have any increase or decrease. its right on their main page (homespun simple hat pattern). i used wool-ease instead of the floppy homespun and adjusted the size down to fit a 3 yr old. i also played around with the closing to give it different looks. i am not sure if it can be sized all the way down to a baby size, but i am new to knitting… perhaps you could tell better.

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