A Great Time Was Had By All

just a few more minutes…
to keep my eyes open. I’m so tired because I’m not used to having a weeknight social life and this week has been crazy for that. Monday night, my classmates and I went out after class. I didn’t do anything Tuesday night, but last night I went to coffee with a friend about half an hour away. Tonight, I went to the Stitch and B*tch Houston’s second meeting. It was at Starbucks and was SO much fun. There were a lot of new knitters so I got to teach some and I also learned that the new yarn store in town has friendly people, which is good news. Let me set the scene for you…

secret revealed
I got to work on my secret project tonight. So, when I got home, I tried it on so I could show you. I am almost finished (yay!) with the first one. Whatever could it be??? Here’s a hint. Oh, and here it is “for real”. I am SO excited. Well, to bed with me. Hope you had a great night, as well.


2 thoughts on “A Great Time Was Had By All

  1. Your Houston S and B looks like so much fun! I’m envious! I love the socks! How absolutely adorable! The colors are so pretty. They look very professional. Hope you are enjoying the holiday season.

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