Opening Ceremonies

My friend Tara came over Friday night to watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games and cast on for our Ravellenic Games projects! I made a patriotic fruit pizza and some little popcorn “torches”.

Opening Ceremonies

We didn’t knit much because, wow, there was a lot to see during Opening Ceremonies, but we did get started! Here’s our yarn before things got underway.

Yarn for Ravellenics...

I’ve made fairly good progress on my project. I’m making High Road out of Madelinetosh Pashmina in Tart. I love this color. Every time I see Madelinetosh I pick up this color. Finally, when we were at StevenBe’s in Minneapolis last year I bought some. I’ve still got a bit to go before doing the center short rows.

Ravellenics Knitting

Since my wrist has been annoyed lately, I’m trying to take it slowly but surely to “win the race”.

Rhinebeck, Woo!

I realized after hauling all of our stuff to baggage check on the way to Rhinebeck that making that sort of trip with a three week old was kind of crazy. But, it was the best kind of crazy! Also, I had a ton of help once I got there. Auntie MH was our roomie for most of the trip.


Auntie Sparkli held him for me at meet-ups (she also filled in for me at Ravelry while I was on maternity leave).


Nancy came to hang with us one night & helped me prevent a near “spit up on the furniture” disaster.


And, I don’t have photographic evidence, but Ysolda, Laura, Jess, Casey, Kyle & Erica all helped out. Lots of people at the festival helped me navigate everything with a wee one, too! Having so many people taking care of us made the trip so pleasant. Oh, and I bought some stuff, too, but still need to photograph it. Coming soon!