Rhinebeck, Woo!

I realized after hauling all of our stuff to baggage check on the way to Rhinebeck that making that sort of trip with a three week old was kind of crazy. But, it was the best kind of crazy! Also, I had a ton of help once I got there. Auntie MH was our roomie for most of the trip.


Auntie Sparkli held him for me at meet-ups (she also filled in for me at Ravelry while I was on maternity leave).


Nancy came to hang with us one night & helped me prevent a near “spit up on the furniture” disaster.


And, I don’t have photographic evidence, but Ysolda, Laura, Jess, Casey, Kyle & Erica all helped out. Lots of people at the festival helped me navigate everything with a wee one, too! Having so many people taking care of us made the trip so pleasant. Oh, and I bought some stuff, too, but still need to photograph it. Coming soon!


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