Advent Calendar

Advent Mosaic

We’ve done advent calendars with activities or treats before, but this year we are doing one with activities and treats each day for C1. We are using the advent calendar that I made years ago – and you can tell my sewing skills have improved since I made it – but I just finished adding the little ornaments that go into each pocket and hang on the outside when the day has passed.

So far the activities have been to select a tree at a local tree farm, decorate the tree and open a Christmas storybook that I had wrapped under the tree then read a bedtime story out of it. The treats are small things like foam stamps and a stamp pad (there are more stamps on future days), capsules that turn into animal shaped sponges in the water and Christmas themed erasers.  We have lots of activities planned for the coming 20 days and I am so excited that each day C1 wakes up asking to check the pocket on the calendar!

Black Friday

I didn’t keep up the blogging over the holiday but now that I’m back to a bit of a normal schedule, I’m back at it. One highlight of my holiday break was Black Friday shopping with my cousin, aunt, sister and the husband. I’m not one to get up early, so we hit WalMart at 10 pm and Kohls at midnight. We had a lot of fun plotting and planning and then buying several things. Christmas shopping is done for C1 and I got a few things for others, as well. C2 rode along in his Moby wrap. Here he is after we got home from the chaos. He looks pretty happy to be finished!


Hit the road, Jack!


As I write this, my rear end is tightly wedged between two car seats, C1 on my right watching Toy Story 3 on my old phone (thank God for technology) & C2 on my left eating, non-stop. The plan was to drive halfway tonight, but I think we might push through and get to our destination tonight. If C2 would sleep for a bit, we’d be in good shape. Sadly, most of the drive has been in the dark & my current project isn’t one that can be worked in the dark so no knitting for me. I’m excited to see my family but 9 hours in the car with two kids is, um, an adventure.

Weekend Recap

This weekend went by too fast, as they often do, but it was a good one! This weekend I…

…took C1 to his school’s fall festival, last soccer game of the season and a party with his soccer team.

…left C2 for the first time so we could go on a date night! We went out to one of our favorite spots for sushi and a new spot for drinks afterwards.

…cleared 3 bags of unused clothes from our drawers. It is so much nicer doing laundry when you have a place to put the clothes you actually wear.

…worked on C1’s Pepo Pie vest! I am hoping to get through all of the buttonholes by the end of tonight., then the decreases begin & it will go even faster.

Time well spent


I am not a patient person. I knit because without knitting, I have a hard time sitting still. I sometimes find it hard to relax because I feel I should be doing something. This busy nature of mine can make it hard to spend the necessary time feeding and snuggling a baby. I just try to remind myself that these are moments I can’t get back and that, though I’m “just” sitting on the couch, it is time well spent.


Oops I didn’t post yesterday but this is what I was going to post. We went to the kid’s school for his fall festival. They had this turkey on the wall of what kids are thankful for. Most kids said their family or something significant. My kid, he’s thankful for Cars 2.


Awesome Knitting Friends

I didn’t have local knitting friends until a little over a year ago.  I had tried to find some at shops and meet-ups but just hadn’t really clicked with people or the meet-ups didn’t fit my schedule.  It wasn’t until the Sugar Land Yarn Company opened up that I met some folks at their Cajun Knit Night on Friday nights.  Jenn and Heloise do it up right on those nights, feeding us good food and allowing us to sit and knit or crochet and of course shop.  It was there that I met some friends that I really connected with, that I can talk to about crafting and about life in general.

These awesome friends made Carson a blanket!

Blanket for Carson

All of the squares were knit and then they were joined with crochet. The border is also crochet. You can kind of see the little crochet bobbles that were worked in at a closer look.

Blanket for Carson

It is the perfect size for putting him on or for covering him up in his carseat and I just love how each one is different.  The yarn is really soft, too!  I am so grateful to have some local knitting friends and for C2 to have an awesome blanket that we will use a lot!

A big thank you to those responsible (Ravelry profile links) –  Jennifer, Julia, Kathryn, Kelly, & Tara