Happy 2010!

Floating in the river

I am one of those people who likes a fresh start, like this new blog space and the new year.  If anything, 2009 taught me that things can change faster than you can imagine and opportunity can come where you least expect it.  After working for Ravelry part time (on top of my full time job, yes that made for a very busy last half of 2009), I have quit my day job and will be working for Ravelry full time.  After being in the same job for nearly 8 years, that will make for a much different 2010.  I’m super excited about what 2010 will bring!

As usual, I am making resolutions!  I feel like the theme for this year is MORE, but I’m not going to set number goals like I did last year.  I didn’t even come close to reaching those goals, so my goal this year will be to do more of the things I love with the people I love than I did last year.

MORE time with the kiddo and husband doing fun things.

MORE canning, quilting, cooking and gardening.  We’re also going to try to eat more locally.

MORE crafting, mostly knitting, sewing and picking up some crocheting again this year, too.

MORE reading.  I’ve started this up toward the end of this year.  I forgot how much I had missed it.

MORE activity (read exercise, but I’m trying not to call it that so maybe I’ll actually do it).

MORE documentation of the things that I’m doing more.  I’m planning to be around here and to do a Year in Pictures and 52 Pictures project on Flickr (you can find me in the knitterly and crafty types pools over there).


4 thoughts on “Happy 2010!

  1. Love your MOREs!!… Here are my LESSes:
    LESS television!
    LESS getting mad at traffic
    LESS living in the middle of next year (instead of in TODAY)
    LESS over-criticizing my own best efforts


    Happy New Year!

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