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I sat down yesterday to be responsible and finish the Morehouse Shawl I was working on before I started a new one.  As I began to work on it, I decided that I didn’t like it.  I love the yarn and the pattern just not the two together.  My problem is that I picked up heavier yarn for a lace weight pattern, so the drape was, well, not drapey and it was too heavy for my needs.  The yarn will be great as a hat or two this fall, but just not as a shawl.  It was very bittersweet, as I want to use the yarn in something that is wearable, but this was the project I worked on when I was in labor with the kid (yeah, it languished for a while).  I just keep telling myself that I will still remember the yarn as the yarn I worked with while in labor when it is in something more wearable.  Does anyone else develop emotional attachments to projects like that, based on where you were or what was going on in your life?

I have also realized that I’m not going to finish a shawl in time for the wedding I’m going to on August 9th.  Instead, I’m going to start working on my contribution to the red project going on at Stacey’s!  I am so excited about it and I’m heading to wind some yarn and cast on now.


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