Random Thoughts Thursday

Just a few random thoughts for you on this super dreary day in my neck of the woods…cold and wet, yuck!

Random thought #1:  14 weeks and growing


Here’s a 14 week belly shot for ya!  I’m getting big and fast, although I swear I’m not as big as this picture indicates.  But, then again, maybe I am.  I did purposely wear fitted clothes for the picture to record the full effect.  Yesterday I got asked if I was sure that I’m not carrying twins.  Both of our ultrasounds have only indicated one baby, making me pretty sure.  Luckily, for now, it’s all in my belly. 

Random thought #2:  Online shopping is your friend.

I was going to go a couple of places during my lunch break, including going out to find some yarn for the Red Scarf Project.  Believe it or not, I’ve got no red or red related yarn in my stash right now that would be suitable for a scarf.  This will be my first charity knitting item of 2007.  Anyway, as I mentioned before, it’s nasty outside, making online shopping even more appealing.  I did go shopping on my lunch break, but I didn’t even leave my desk.  I think I’m going to make the Danica scarf from knitty, with just two colors, red and grey.  I bought some Knitpicks Swish since it’s machine washable, and we’re talking college students here. 

Random thought #3:  I am bored!

Do you ever have times when things are super busy all around you (and you’re pretty busy too) but you’re still bored?  I’m sure that today I’m impacted by the weather, but I am just bored to tears today.  It’s not that I’m not busy or I don’t have things to do, it’s just that none of them are really interesting to me at this point.  But, sometimes things just have to be done whether you like them or not, so I better get back to it!


10 thoughts on “Random Thoughts Thursday

  1. Wow! You are belly-licious! And I know exactly what you mean about boredom. I’ve been like that all week. I just can’t seem to make myself work. I keep wanting to be any place but here. So I surf the blogs and rework patterns and stare into space. I hope I can get it in gear next week before my boss notices.

  2. Ooooh! What a cute little belly you’re getting! I’m sure the reason it looks like your belly is big is because YOU are so small! How are you feeling these days? Hope all the morning sickness has passed. Can you feel the Beast moving around yet?

  3. You look great! You are going to be one of the basketball-in-the-front girls with a cute bump. Unlike me, who looked — both times — like a Weebil Wobble.

  4. wow! look at your bump! you really are showing 🙂 you should see me now. crazy. i can’t see my feet anymore!
    i hear ya on the bored front. i think that january is one of those months where it’s hard to get motivated after having the time off for the holidays.

  5. Oh I got the “are you sure there aren’t two babies in there?” Constantly because my belly popped right away. Now I’ve gotten the variation of “Are you sure they got your due date right?”

  6. Awesome shot. You are so thin Sarah that it is no surprise you are showing. It’s all baby, baby. 🙂 Love that Red Scarf Project. A college student will love it.

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