Perils of Sewing


Let this be a lesson to you, sewing can be dangerous.  I don’t know if you can tell, because I spared you the bloody scene, but somehow my finger came between the sewing needle and the fabric tonight.  I just noticed that I have a matching hole on the backside of my finger.  That’s right, the needle went straight on through the tip of my finger.  Thank goodness for fingernails, at least it slowed the impact so I didn’t end up sewing myself to my project!


13 thoughts on “Perils of Sewing

  1. My sympathies to you! I’ve never understood how that happens, but I did the same thing to my thumb a few years back. I don’t remember it hurting very long, so hopefully you’ll be back in business soon!

  2. I did that ALL of the time with my grandma’s old Singer. I had to make Gracie an apron for a play a few years back…thing was spotted with blood. Whatcha making?

  3. I did the same thing years ago. I couldn’t get the needle out myself. I ran out to have my husband do it, but I fainted before he was able to get it out!
    Hope you are better!

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