Taking the High Road

The Ravellenics totally gave me my knitting mojo back, and I’m so excited about it! I made High Road out of MadelineTosh Pashmina from my stash and joined in with the main forum moderators on Ravelry in Team DBAJ. It was a lot of fun to watch all of the great projects they worked on, too.

High Road went really quickly. I love how it is structured, in three sections. Just as I get tired of one section, I get to move onto something else. I am not a fan of picking up stitches, but I didn’t find it difficult with this pattern since you have nice selvedge edges built in.

I took my High Road to knit night so the girls could take a picture of me in it, but then I realized I could take a picture of them in it instead! So, I made each of them model for me. Yay! And then, they took one of me.

Me in High Road

Opening Ceremonies

My friend Tara came over Friday night to watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games and cast on for our Ravellenic Games projects! I made a patriotic fruit pizza and some little popcorn “torches”.

Opening Ceremonies

We didn’t knit much because, wow, there was a lot to see during Opening Ceremonies, but we did get started! Here’s our yarn before things got underway.

Yarn for Ravellenics...

I’ve made fairly good progress on my project. I’m making High Road out of Madelinetosh Pashmina in Tart. I love this color. Every time I see Madelinetosh I pick up this color. Finally, when we were at StevenBe’s in Minneapolis last year I bought some. I’ve still got a bit to go before doing the center short rows.

Ravellenics Knitting

Since my wrist has been annoyed lately, I’m trying to take it slowly but surely to “win the race”.

Piecing things together

I’ve decided to revive this space, I miss recording my little adventures, no matter how insignificant!

I’ve probably spent more time quilting this year than on any of my other crafty pursuits.  I don’t have much to show for it, but I did finish one quilt and one top, so far.

I finished a quilt!

The quilt that I finished has been in the works for about a year and a half, at least that’s when I planned it and got the fabric, but it took me a while to get going on it.  I made it for friends Amanda & Derek for their wedding.  Originally, I wanted to do a basic strip quilt.  I thought it would be large enough for a comfortable throw, but as I worked on it, I realized it was going to be smaller than I wanted, so I decided to add in the vertical pieces.  I am really glad I did as it made the top look way more interesting.
Quilt - full view

Then, I took strips I had cut from the edges and used them to make their initials on the back using the Wordplay Quilts book.  I’ve had the book for a while but hadn’t used it yet.  It was easier than I thought it would be to make the letters and a lot of fun.

Quilt Back

I quilted it with a fuchsia thread and followed the lines on the front.  It’s not perfect, but I think it’s still fun!

This quilt was probably the best received handmade item I’ve ever given to someone.  Amanda and Derek loved it and have plans to do their bedroom to match it.  It makes me so happy to think of it in their house!

Awesome Knitting Friends

I didn’t have local knitting friends until a little over a year ago.  I had tried to find some at shops and meet-ups but just hadn’t really clicked with people or the meet-ups didn’t fit my schedule.  It wasn’t until the Sugar Land Yarn Company opened up that I met some folks at their Cajun Knit Night on Friday nights.  Jenn and Heloise do it up right on those nights, feeding us good food and allowing us to sit and knit or crochet and of course shop.  It was there that I met some friends that I really connected with, that I can talk to about crafting and about life in general.

These awesome friends made Carson a blanket!

Blanket for Carson

All of the squares were knit and then they were joined with crochet. The border is also crochet. You can kind of see the little crochet bobbles that were worked in at a closer look.

Blanket for Carson

It is the perfect size for putting him on or for covering him up in his carseat and I just love how each one is different.  The yarn is really soft, too!  I am so grateful to have some local knitting friends and for C2 to have an awesome blanket that we will use a lot!

A big thank you to those responsible (Ravelry profile links) –  Jennifer, Julia, Kathryn, Kelly, & Tara