Favorite Things

Blueberry Muffins (YIP 8/11/10)

I love reading about what other folks are loving right now on their blogs, but don’t formalize a list of mine that often. So, here goes, things I’m loving right now.

Ellen’s Blueberry Muffins over at Pioneer Woman (my version pictured above). I baked them last night and they are really good! I think they are my first muffins from scratch. My only regret, not buying more blueberries to make some more. These may become a staple at my house.

School related sewing projects! I don’t even have a school-aged kid, and I work from home so have little need for a lunch kit or other school supply items, but I am so inspired to make some of these things right now. I particularly love this lunch kit and pencil roll both found via Sew Mama Sew.

Beginning of Gwendolyn (YIP 8/1/2010)

I’m also still loving working on my Gwendolyn sweater! I’m more than halfway finished with the back, so it’s coming along nicely!


This weekend, we hibernated to get things done. There was a lot of cleaning, and a quick trip to the mall for the husband to see the new iPhone (we’re a bit behind), but otherwise, it was all about the food!

Elinor's Granola (YIP 8/7/2010)

On Saturday, I made granola. This was my second batch. It is so good that this whole thing only lasts about a week around here. I had never made granola before trying this recipe, and now I think we’ll always keep it in the house. It’s easy to make and comes in super handy as a good snack to have around.

BIG grocery shopping!

I also went grocery shopping!, which doesn’t sound like a big thing. However, this trip was a bit nuts, as I was buying food for a month for two families for freezer meals using the Once a Month Mom August menu. On Sunday, my friend Kate and her family came over and we made freezer meals! We made 44 meals for the two families, so 22 meals a piece. I can’t say that making a month’s worth of meals with two husbands and four kids under the age of 5 in the house was a peaceful and magical experience, but it was relatively easy and I think we’ll do it again! We learned a lot of lessons that will make it easier in the future, as well.

Lesson One – Thoroughly read all recipes prior to shopping. There were a few that we might have modified a bit for ease of putting together or just personal taste. We followed the plan blindly this time, mostly due to time constraints, but I’d read a bit more closely next time.

Lesson Two – Start earlier! Due to naptimes, we didn’t really get started until around 3:30. With one of us nursing a newborn and with three other little boys in and out, we didn’t get finished until around 8:30. Five hours isn’t bad for a month of meals, but would be better if we got finished earlier.

Lesson Three – I need a chest freezer, but we already knew that. We were joking that we were going to come out this morning and find freezer meals all over the floor from where the freezer exploded. It’s like when you “cleaned” your room by shoving everything in the closet, shove it all in and close it really fast!