From the center

For Christmas, our very kind friends Bonnie and David built Cam a train table. So, I wanted to give them something nice and handmade in return. I wound up choosing Girasole and am so glad I did. It turned out beautifully! It did seem like it took forever to finish at the end, since each round had 600+ stitches, but the results are completely worth it! I had guessed on what color to use and it turns out that it will go great in her living room. It was very well received and all in all an awesome project. You can find more pictures in Ravelry.


Still Finishing

I think I may try to keep finishing things until the Ravelympics start on the day of opening ceremonies.  Ravelympics is an event where you try to complete a project (or finish several works in progress) during the span of the Olympics.  I only have a few things to go! It would be nice to be able to operate with a mostly clean slate🙂

The next item up was Riley’s stocking. Yep, this should have been finished for Christmas, but it wasn’t. The back of her skirt is a little wonky, but I fixed it up a bit before I sent it so it doesn’t look quite so jagged now.

Riley's Stocking

I had started this stocking with a different pattern and hated it so I cut it and started over. All of her girl cousins have angels on their stockings, so I adapted a cross stitch pattern into this pattern. I am not a fan of intarsia, but I do it when necessary to carry on the family tradition.

Starting to Finish

Finished Mitts

I’ve finished two of the projects that I’m hoping to finish in January (or soon anyway)! The first one I finished just before TNNA, my Meandering Mitts! I love how these turned out. Of course, with this Buffalo Gold yarn, you can’t go wrong, but the pattern took a bit of getting used to with the cables and twists. However, the result is beautiful and comfy, too. Jess helped me take a few pictures before we handed them over to Ron & Co. as I was test/sample knitting them for him. Word on the street is that his wife has confiscated them.🙂

Finished Mitt (YIP 1/10/2010)

Finishing Frenzy

Monday Morning Cardigan

I am dedicating January to finishing things I started last year!  I have many projects that are almost finished, but just need a little attention, like the Monday Morning Cardigan above (my <ahem> Rhinebeck sweater)  And, a couple of projects that were supposed to be finished for Christmas but, um, aren’t.  So, I’m trying to start only one project while in this finishing frenzy, socks for the husband because none of the other projects are portable.

Here’s a list of things I want to finish –

Monday Morning Cardigan (raveled)
Shalom (raveled)
Baby Bear (raveled)
Meandering Mitts
Cousin’s Christmas Stocking

I don’t know that I’ll finish all of these in January, but I’m sure going to give it a go!