Put me in, Coach!

I wound up being the coach for C2’s Pre-K/K soccer team this season.  I have never coached a sport nor do I have much experience with pre-K kids beyond being a babysitter when I was younger and a parent of one now.  But, I’ve learned a lot over the span of the season, and I’ve wound … Continue reading



Five on Friday

I like reading the five on Friday posts I’ve seen on other friends’ blogs where they just tell you about five random things on Fridays, so here goes! Are you on Periscope, yet?  I was hesitant because I don’t usually like watching internet videos.  I tend to be pretty impatient and videos seem long sometimes … Continue reading


Newsom Progress

I’ve been working on my Newsom cardigan since March since it hibernated on sleeve island for a while.  But, now the sleeves are all done and I’ve attached all of the pieces.  I missed an increase after attaching things, so I had a little frogging episode recently, but now I’m almost back to “positive knitting”. … Continue reading