Wardrobe Planning


I’ve been very slowly working toward a more handmade wardrobe for myself. I took this fabric pile picture at least a year ago, and have only used one fabric from that pile since then. I’m hoping in 2017, I can pick up the pace a bit.

A couple of weeks ago I sat down and made a list of the things I would need for a capsule wardrobe. The concept is that you can mix and match most things in your closet together into different looks. I picked my base colors a couple of years ago and have been adding things in those colors to my closet, but needed to figure out what I’m missing. I found this post on creating your capsule wardrobe to be the most helpful in giving me the steps to list what I have and what I need.

My base color is navy and my accent colors are pink and aqua. I made a list of the things I need, then made a list of things that fit those categories. Finally, I made a list of the things I want to make to fill out the remaining items. That’s the list I want to share with you!

  • Another Everyday Skirt
    I made an Everyday Skirt last year and it is super wearable. I’d like to have more shirts to go with the one I made (more below) so I will wear it more often. I already have fabric to make a navy one with little pink yarn balls. The fabric is here and the pattern is cut, so it should be a quick one to pull together.
  • Lark Tee
    I wear t-shirts nearly every day. I would really like to play with a pattern and make one that I love, then make several of them for my wardrobe. This pattern seems like a great starting point since it gives several neckline and sleeve options.
  • Self-drafted T-shirt dress
    Last summer a friend gave me a t-shirt dress that I adore. It is really comfortable and wearable, so I’m hoping to use Cal Patch’s pattern drafting classes to draft a pattern from it.
  • Aqua Tank
    I need to finish up the purple vest I’ve been knitting (for next winter at this point), but the next knit on the list after that is the Anniu Top from Bristol Ivy. I can wear summer knits way more than winter knits, but haven’t made any I love. I’m hoping to turn that around with this project!

Considering that in years past I’ve finished one or two sewn items a year, I’m not going to pretend that I’m going to actually get all of these things done for spring. I am happy to have the list created, though, and am excited to get started!


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