Crackerjack Plans


I have a plan for my Crackerjack and I’m SO excited! For those who aren’t familiar, the Crackerjack is a recipe for an infinity scarf worked in stripes where the colors each represent the wins and losses of your baseball team. We don’t have many opportunities here to wear a big infinity scarf, though I do love them, so I am going to make mine into a blanket. Here’s a bit about how I came to this decision.

First off, I searched Ravelry for striped blankets. I knew I wanted to keep it simple and the simplest concept seemed to be strips of fabric with the stripes indicating the wins, losses, etc. At first I thought I might have one blanket represent three seasons, with a strip for each season. There were a couple of lovely blankets that caught my eye that gave me an idea of what this would look like. However, I don’t know if I want to drag it out that long. Then, I ran across this blanket with one row of stripes and then color blocking, and I think that might be the ticket! I’ll make one long strip with the stripes representing the season, and then I can add the color blocks and a border at the end of the season.

Or, I’ll decide I’m tired of it at that point and drag it out for three seasons like the original idea. It’s nice to have options!

To keep it extra simple, I think I’m going to do it in garter stitch. I looked at some garter stitch scarves and I love how they look in stripes, and I also just love the cozy squishiness of garter stitch. Plus, it means I never have to purl which is an added bonus for me.

I’m really excited for a new baseball season and I hope I can keep up with my Crackerjack this time. Go Astros!


4 thoughts on “Crackerjack Plans

  1. I’m trying a crackerjack scarf again this year (my last attempt didn’t make the all-star break). I’m hoping your blanket updates will keep me motivated to keep up with mine. Good luck!

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