Finished Newsom!

I feel like I’ve talked a lot about my Newsom cardigan already, but it is finished now so I had to share the finished item!

IMG_0523 (1)

The good: The pattern was really fun! I loved the construction and it was really easy to follow. Thanks for a great pattern, Bristol! Also, the yarn is amazing. It has great drape and is so soft.  I used the yarn called for by the pattern, Mrs. Crosby Hat Box.

IMG_0501 (1)

The bad: The bad isn’t really even that bad, as I think I can fix it. I wish the body was a smidge longer. I may try reblocking the body to see if I can make it just a bit longer. Even if I can’t, I think this will be a great everyday sweater that will see a ton of wear this winter.


The ugly: Nothing ugly here, except maybe the fact that it took me eight months to finish. I have long arms and got stuck on the sleeves. They seemed to take forever. I’m ready to make some quick gratification projects now!



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