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Trusting the Swatch

I did a swatch before making my Newsom cardigan.  I washed it and dried it and measured it before and after so I could see how much it grew.  I got gauge and moved forward with my project.

Then, I bound off my cardigan. And panicked a bit.  It didn’t fit! It was way too short in the body.  This is not unusual for me since I’m on the tallish side, which probably makes me all the more worried about it.  And then I remembered, my swatch grew.

To be honest, I still didn’t really trust that my sweater would work out okay.  I feared that my sweater would behave differently from the swatch, but I washed it and sure enough…it grew.


So, if I’m going to bother to swatch, I should probably trust it.  Not all swatches lie 😉  Finished pictures coming tomorrow, I hope!



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