Five on Friday

I like reading the five on Friday posts I’ve seen on other friends’ blogs where they just tell you about five random things on Fridays, so here goes!

  1. Are you on Periscope, yet?  I was hesitant because I don’t usually like watching internet videos.  I tend to be pretty impatient and videos seem long sometimes compared to finding the information in an article or post, but I am really loving Periscope.  So far, my favorite Periscopes have been from Kristine & Adrienne of A Verb For Keeping Warm (they are avfkw there) who have shared their natural dye process, a party at their store and surfers in San Francisco.  Even if I don’t have much time, I can pop in and see what they are sharing when I get an alert on my phone, so it’s really fun.  You can watch Periscopes on a computer when someone sends you a link, but it’s easiest to get the app and follow people there.
  2. I think I might come pretty close to finishing my Newsom this weekend!  I’m so excited and of course already planning what knits come next.  I have plans to make a stocking for a friend’s little boy, to help keep her family tradition going, and hats for the boys in case it ever gets cool enough for hats around here (I know it will but it feels like it will never be cold). I’ve been working on this thing so long that I have pictures of myself working on it in the spring, summer (below, by the pool)) and now fall!


  3. I ordered inserts for a paper planner for next year this week.  This will be the first time I have had a paper planner in years (I’ve got a small one now that I’ve been using to test out if I would actually use it). I have really liked using a bullet journal this year, and I think this will just sort of extend it.  They have plenty of inserts that are just note pages and I just did the inserts so I can add my own pages wherever I need to keep a bullet journal-type list. I got my inserts from Inkwell Press (I don’t get any money for saying that, just passing the info along).  I should say, this is all Mary-Heather’s fault. 😉
  4. Ikea has costumes! Maritza mentioned them on twitter and now I’ve decided that the kids have got to have a giant mustache. Maybe we’ll add to their costume bin for Christmas.
  5. Today, this guy asked why his sweatshirt keeps getting smaller and smaller.  Oh silly kiddo, it’s that you keep getting bigger and bigger!  I guess it’s time for me to switch his clothes again.



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