The Great Stash Re-org: Phase 2

Sunday afternoon, I carved out a bit of time to photograph my remaining unphotographed stash. Once I figured out where I got the best light, it didn’t take long to get them all taken. I discovered that I had taken 150 pictures!

To make it easier, I made a folder on my computer desktop called “stash” and I copied all of the pictures into that folder. Then, I went yarn by yarn and added them into Ravelry. As a yarn was added, I deleted all of the images of that yarn from the “stash” folder so I could easily see which yarn was next.

In case you haven’t noticed them, I loved the little buttons on Ravelry to allow you to easily add more of the same yarn or a new yarn from the page of the yarn you just added! These made it so easy to move from one yarn to the next.

Once I added the new yarns, I went through to double-check and make sure I hadn’t added anything twice.  I found the “sort by name” option at the top of the page really handy for double-checking.

While it can be a bit of a tedious project, I now know exactly what yarn I have and where it is stored, and I can access that information from my computer even when I’m away from home. I can also just go look at my pretty yarn (at least in pictures) from anywhere and search easily through my yarn or for patterns that would be good for the yarn. So, I think it was totally worth it! I’m super inspired to figure out which stash yarn I’m going to knit with next!


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