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The Great Stash Re-org: Phase 1

Before we moved, I got all of my stash out and gave quite a bit away to my local knit/crochet friends, but I never got around to reorganizing after that. Mostly, I really want my stash to be up to date in Ravelry. I am so much more likely to use it if I can easily match up yarn with patterns I want to make. 

So, this weekend I got out all of my yarn. Some of it was still in boxes from the move. My first step was to dump it out onto the couch. Yikes!

Next, I sorted it so I could get all of the skeins of like yarns together and to get the unmarked balls out. I’m putting those in a bin of their own. 

After that, I went to my Ravelry stash to update the storage locations for yarns that I had already entered. As I did that, I marked them with the tag “2015sort” so I’ll know that the entry has been updated. 

Now, I’m left with a single layer of yarns on the couch that need to be photographed and entered into Ravelry. That will be phase 2. I know it can feel like a bit of an intimidating process to update your Ravelry stash. I’ve been putting it off myself! But, I’m hoping that breaking it up into smaller manageable chunks of work will help.


2 thoughts on “The Great Stash Re-org: Phase 1

  1. Yay! It’s awful at first but once it’s done you’ll love it. Sometimes when I don’t get as much knitting time as I want I just bask in my stash photos 😻

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