Art Class

Last year, when shopping for my sketch book for Lisa Congdon’s Creativebug class, I bought Cameron one, too.  He was with me and I thought it would be fun for him to have a place to draw.  Little did I know that he would want to take the class with me after seeing me doing it one day.  He didn’t take it with me completely, but he did sit down with me and draw along a few times.  Recently, he asked me, “mom, where is my sketchbook”.  I got it for him and he said, can we watch that class again?  It was perfect timing as Lisa has a new Creativebug class that started last week!

We bought our supplies last week and got everything set up on Saturday morning.


Then, we sat down to paint and draw.  We did the painting segment first, then took a break for lunch and returned to it after it our paint dried.


I had so much fun watching his process.  His painted background did not have the nice little circles that mine did, but his color selection was great and his background was much more original.


He called the line drawings “spiderwebs” and had fun adding them to his painted background.  We listened to (and sang along with) the Frozen soundtrack as we drew & did art class in our pajamas, it doesn’t get much better than that!  Here are our first sketchbook spreads.

All in all, it was great fun and we can’t wait to do the second week of class.  I find classes like this to be great for the elementary aged set, as you can take a break whenever you want to account for short attention spans.  I really enjoy having a buddy taking a class with me.

Lest you think my house is this ideal place where it’s all art classes all the time, this is what the boys were doing while I sat up art class…just keeping it real 😉



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