Craftmas In July

Craftmas in July

Craftmas in July Supplies

June wasn’t a particularly crafty month for me, other than my trip to Squam, but I’m getting my craft mojo back preparing for Craftmas in July.  This idea was born from the fact that we all want to do Christmas and holiday crafts around the holidays, but that’s when you have the least time, so we’re trying to get a head start this year.  I am hoping to make some decorations for my house and some cute things to put on presents.

I spent some time on Pinterest this weekend, then hit up the craft store to buy the things I still needed to make my Craftmas projects.  Here’s what I have planned…

1. Glitter Trees

I’ve had these glitter trees pinned for a while, but haven’t gotten around to making them, so this is the year they are going to happen!  I still need to hit up the thrift store to find candle sticks, but I have everything else to make this project a reality.

2. Christmas Bingo

This is an easy one, as it’s a free printable, I just need to print it and laminate it (so it will hold up to my crazy boys).  Hopefully I can make an extra set or two to give as gifts.

3. A wreath

Last year I swooned over some yarn ball wreaths at Target, but realized I could make them myself. I found this awesome yarn ball wreath with instructions on how she did it, so I’m going to attempt one of my own.  Goodness knows I have enough yarn sitting around.

4. JOY letters

I bought some cardboard letters, not sure if I’m going to glitter them as inspired by these glittery letters or do something different, but I’m leaning toward glitter at this point.

5. Table runner

I got some awesome fabric to make a simple reversible table runner for our dining room table.

6. Christmas carol wall art

I haven’t gotten all of the frames for these, yet, but I did pick up some paper.  I am drawn to wall art that has Christmas carol lyrics on it, so I’m going to make some of my own with scrapbook paper and the silhouette.  I got some glitter paper, and I have regular cardstock, so hopefully I can find some good white frames and make some magic happen 😉

If anyone else is playing along with Craftmas, I’d love to hear what you have planned!  I can’t wait to glitter up the joint.  The hardest part is going to be packing it all away until after Thanksgiving!


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