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I know it’s been all sewing all the time around here, lately.  I have been doing some knitting and other crafting which I’m going to try to share this week, but all of this sewing has gotten me thinking about challenging myself in some new ways.  There are a couple of projects I’ve watched with interest for a while and I think I’m going to play along with them this year!

First off is Me-Made-May, which is right around the corner. I was reminded of this on Instagram by Ysolda & Miriam.   Oh my goodness, how is it already May?  Me Made May is basically a challenge to encourage you to wear more of your handmade things.  Each person can decide what this challenge looks like for them.  I am going to pledge in May to wear one thing that I made each day.  I don’t have a lot of clothes that I’ve made, yet, and it may be too warm for many of my knits, so some days this may be as simple as a piece of jewelry that I’ve made, but I will wear something I’ve made each day.  Hopefully I’ll make some more things during May so I’ll have more to choose from.

This leads me to Seam Allowance.  I have watched Seam Allowance from afar since it first came out, with admiration.  I didn’t think it was something that would be attainable for me, as my sewing skills at the time weren’t stellar.  They still need much improvement, but with my recent garment successes, I think I can make it happen!  So, my broader goal will be to have 25% of my wardrobe be handmade.  I’m hoping to achieve this by the end of the summer with my summer clothes.  I have 7 different upcoming sewing projects planned, so I think I can do it.  I like the thought that 25% of the wardrobe basically means one thing that is handmade each day.  I would love to have enough handmade clothes to be able to wear something handmade each day, so I’m looking forward to making that happen!

So, who’s in on either of these challenges?  I’d love to follow along!


2 thoughts on “Making my way…

  1. I’m not in either of the challenges- but I’m certainly considering it! It’s an amazing feeling being able to look at a garment and know all the trials and that you overcame in order to produce it. More exciting is knowing you learned a new technique from it!

    I will definitely investigate these challenges- they seem like a lot of fun!

  2. I am not doing either challenge officially but I am definitely inclined to shift my wardrobe more toward things that I make. In Ohio it’s usually still cool enough for at least the first half of May for me to get away with counting my fingerless mitts or socks as a handmade I wear every day. 🙂 Can’t wait to see all your new wardrobe projects!

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