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Polka Dots

When I saw the Endless Summer Tunic pattern, I knew I wanted to make it, and it looked like an easy enough place for me to start with making some garments for myself.  I’ve made shirts for the boys, and halloween costumes for them, but I haven’t succeeded at sewing myself anything that I actually wear.  I started this Wednesday and worked on it here and there, hemming it this morning.

ImageI loved these polkadots.  They go with a lot of things I already have, so I thought it would be easy to incorporate this into the wardrobe (as small as it happens to be).  As you can tell, I had some help with my pictures from some photobombing children.

This tunic (which really came out nearly dress length for me, I think I can wear it as a dress when it’s warmer) is super practical for me, as it is comfortable, doesn’t shift around much when wearing even when chasing children, and has pockets!



I purposely didn’t try to match the dots up, I was afraid I’d mess it up and it would look like I tried and failed, so I just went with not matching.  After wearing it tonight, I’m okay with that decision.  I wasn’t sure if it would bother me, but it really doesn’t.

I made the 39″ bust size.  It fits me great in the shoulders and bust, but I think I would be okay with just a smidge less ease in the waist/hips area.  It’s intended to be loose and flowy, and I don’t want to lose that aspect, but if I make it again, I might size down that part of the pattern just a bit.  I’m happy with how this one turned out, though, and I can tell it will get a lot of wear.



I’ve been enjoying Cal Patch’s Creativebug pattern drafting class, and I have a stack of fabric on my couch waiting to become garments, so I hope this is the first of many things I’ll make to wear in the coming weeks!



2 thoughts on “Polka Dots

  1. it looks great. you can take it in a bit in hips and waist without remaking it. we can talk about that at Easter. you can
    make it fit the way you want. it looks very cute.

  2. Your polka dots are great! I have this on my list to make and came across yours when searching for fabric ideas. I love your bold dots! You could absolutely pull that off as a dress for the summer (complete with sunglasses, of course). Nice job completing a garment for yourself!

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