Advent Days 1 and 2

A little note about my blogging this, it feels a bit weird to me only because talking about doing nice things for others feels a little braggy, like it makes it more about us. So, I thought I’d add this disclaimer that I’m just sharing in hopes that it helps other people with their advent activities and so I can have a record of the things we do.

Day 1 – Make Christmas cards for soldiers

Advent Day 1 - Christmas Cards for Soldiers

We ended up doing both Day 1 and Day 2 activities today because the kid wasn’t feeling so crafty yesterday.   We found the information about this on the Red Cross website. C2 painted his while C1 worked on stamping the front of his.

Advent Day 1 - Christmas Cards for Soldiers

C1 decided what to put inside his on his own. Having a kid who can do this is pretty fun – last year at this time, he wasn’t yet able to compose messages.

Advent Day 1 - Christmas Cards for Soldiers

It says “thank you for saveing or country soldiers. Merry Christmas from Cameron” (spelling mistakes intentional)

Day 2 – Make Ornaments

This one benefitted from the fact that we started making some wooden ornaments last Christmas. C1 painted one side of them and we were going to add scrapbook paper to the other side, but never got around to it. I found the box when we unloaded Christmas decorations, so we finished the ornaments tonight. He cut out each circle of paper and then glued it to the wooden ornament, and coated it with modpodge.

Advent Day 2 - Make Ornaments

It was hard for me to let go of perfectionism and let him do these all on his own, but I managed to do so. They are imperfect, but my guess is, that’s why they’ll be treasured in the future.

Advent Day 2 - Make Ornaments


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