It’s all kid crafts all the time around here right now, but it keeps us busy, and all of my crafts are both unfinished and intended for Christmas presents, so I can’t show them off, yet.

We went to a friend’s house Saturday to help her extend some curtains (thank goodness they turned out okay) and while we were busy the kiddos gathered acorns. C1 came home with a huge bag full, which got me to thinking of ways we could use them. We had all of the supplies for this in the house, so on Monday night we put it all together.

I got out two vases I had that weren’t being used for anything and had him fill them up with the acorns as high as he wanted.
Acorn Candle Holders

This is when he realized I was taking pictures. One fun thing about the 50mm lens is I can take pictures from way back in the kitchen and sometimes he doesn’t notice.
Acorn Candle Holders

We added a pine cone shaped candle that Stacie sent me as a part of a Good Mail Day swap (I may or may not have been hoarding them, but they were too fitting for this project not to use them).
Acorn Candle Holders

And then, I put them out on the table, but it needed just a little something extra, so I found the pine cone Jason brought back for C1 from Tahoe a couple of years ago. It tied everything together nicely.

*disclaimer, fire is involved in this project, at least in the display at the end, so use caution 😉 I only burn these when I’m in the room, just in case!


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