Keeping Busy

Even on weekends when we have stuff going on, I have to have activities for C1 to keep him busy. I didn’t really plan ahead for the two activities we did this weekend, they just sort of happened thanks to the checkout area of JoAnns and the newspaper arriving with toy catalogs.

I bought fabric for some Christmas presents on Saturday and the boys came with me. C1 found this little perler bead kit. He did one other kit this summer and thought it was fun, so I let him buy this one. As you can see, much concentration was required.

Kiddo crafting: Perler beads edition

Kiddo crafting: Perler beads edition

He loves these kits and they also help with his motor skills, so I will be keeping an eye out for them again in the future. They are inexpensive and totally worth it!

Then, the newspaper came on Sunday full of toy catalogs and I set him to work on his Christmas list. He is learning that you don’t get everything on your list but I do want to have some ideas of things that he might ask Santa for as his elves may need to get going before then. When I was a kid, I would take the newspaper circulars and cut out what I want, glueing together my list, so he got started on his.

Making his list....

Christmas List Creating

Finally, we went for a walk. It ended a bit abruptly when C1 sat in an ant pile and had to be rescued by Jason in the car , but I was able to take some flower pictures on the way back. We don’t get many signs of fall around here, but I’m trying to appreciate the beauty we do have, even if it looks more like spring than fall.


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