C2’s Sweater

I made Carson a sweater for Rhinebeck, and then it was entirely too warm for him to actually wear it. Mary-Heather did take some pictures at our Rhinebeck house of him in it, but then I lost my camera (boo). The weekend after we got home, I was finally able to get some pictures of him sporting it.

Brother's Odette Sweater

The hood is a little big, but the fit is nice overall! It’s big enough to fit him through this winter, for sure. The buttons are from Jennie the Potter, and I worried that they might be a little heavy, but they really aren’t! They were the perfect touch to add a little character to his sweater. I bought more from her at Rhinebeck for future projects. She also took the baby and entertained him for a good 15 minutes, including feeding him a snack, so she’s not only a talented artist, but also an awesome mom sanity saver. 🙂

Brother's Odette Sweater

The pattern is Odette Hoodie. I added buttonholes all the way down, as I want it to be his winter jacket (clearly it doesn’t get that cold here), so I wanted it to close. The yarn is Plymouth Tweed, which made a great tweedy look, but is still soft enough for him. I love it and can’t wait for him to be able to wear it more.


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