I went back and forth for a long time trying to decide what Carson would be for Halloween.  At first, C1 wanted to be Batman, so C2 would be Robin, but C1 fell in love with the orange ninja turtle costume (Michelangelo) at the store, so that went out the window.  It was his first store bought costume (sniff).  I took C1 to the fabric store and we picked something out together.

For C1’s second Halloween, he was the Tin Man.  So, for C2’s second Halloween, he was the Scarecrow.

Wizard of Oz

Luckily the Scarecrow costume came together quickly since I started sewing it on Monday (oops)!  The top was a Kona Cotton and the bottom was some cotton bottomweight fabric. The hat was made of heavy felt. It held up through the night and he wasn’t too bothered by the fringe.  He wasn’t a fan of the hat, but he’s not really a fan of hats in general, so I was just glad to get him to wear it for some pictures.

The boys

We had a lot of fun trick or treating, C2 was happy to be along for the ride in his stroller. We brought our portable speaker and had a great time with the other parents and kiddos we met along the way!


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