Halloween Crafting

We did quite a bit of Halloween crafting this year, so I thought I’d post it before the holiday escapes us tomorrow. The kid was all about carving a pumpkin this year. I don’t really remember carving pumpkins, and this was definitely the first time I carved one in my adult life. I had no idea what I was getting into.

Gutting the Pumpkin

The kid picked out the pumpkin and helped gut it when we got home. He also chose the Angry Birds stencil for us to use and decided on the red angry bird, after much debate. It didn’t turn out perfectly, and took me a couple of hours to do, but I think he turned out alright.

Angry Bird Pumpkin

I also decided to make a tulle wreath. I had seen them online before, and they looked super easy. It was just as easy as it looks! I got the wreath form from the Target dollar spot and the tulle on sale, so the whole thing probably cost me $7. I cut tulle from a spool the length of my forearm, tied each strip around the wreath and tidied it up a bit with scissors when I got finished.

Halloween Wreath

I was planning on making glitter letters for it, but the craft store was out of “b’s”. I thought I’d cut them out of cardboard and bought orange glitter. Then, the next day, I found this at Walmart for $2. It worked perfectly for the wreath, and much quicker, so I went that direction instead.

Halloween Wreath

Tonight I finished up the baby’s costume. The big guy decided that he didn’t want a handmade costume this year, he’ll be sporting a store bought orange ninja turtle costume instead. The baby will be a scarecrow. It’s all finished shy of the velcro on the back of the shirt. I’m not sure how I’m out of velcro, but there will be an emergency velcro run tomorrow. The chances of him keeping his hat on are slim, but I’m hoping he’ll play along for at least a couple of pictures. We’re looking forward to a fun, candy-filled Halloween and hope you have the same!


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