A New Quilt

As much as I hate hand stitching, I really love seing how a quilt looks once you blind stitch that binding on. You can imagine how it looks, but seeing it come together at the end is kind of magical. I finished a quilt for my friend’s baby this weekend. She picked the fabrics, as she’s also a quilty/crafty type, and I did the quilting. I finished the top a while back, but just got it quilted and bound this last week.

S's Quilt (before washing)

The pattern is the Moda Bake Shop Baby Lattice Quilt. I quilted it with straight lines 1/4″ to each side of the lattice border.

S's Quilt Back

I like how the quilt lines can be seen on the back, forming their own lattice pattern.

S's Quilt Binding

I love a striped bias binding, the barber pole effect is so easy and yet looks really fancy to me.

S & Her Quilt

I got to see the wee one sleeping on her quilt at our house this weekend. There is truly nothing better than making something that you know will be well-loved.


3 thoughts on “A New Quilt

  1. I’m so excited to try this pattern! I’m about to tackle this as my first full quilting project (with Bungle Jungle fabric). I LOVE the way you quilted this – by far my favourite, using straight lines. Do you remember approximately how many hours you spent quilting it? My best friend had her baby today (early!) and I’m now wondering if I have time to get fancy on the top, or if I should keep it simple.

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