A Party for a Little Monster

Now that the baby’s party is over, I’m kind of at a loss as to what to do next.  I guess I could go clean the kitchen, but I’d rather write about the fun stuff, instead!

It all started with the invitation, which was perfect, as I wanted an invitation that incorporated cute monsters and had a picture of C2 on it.  We added this picture, which is one of my favorites of him.

Then, I got to work on the decorations.  I love a simple fabric pennant, so I made a quick pennant full of polka dot fabrics.  I wanted pom poms to hang but didn’t want to spend the money on ordering them (and didn’t have time to go to a specialty party store for them), so my friend Jennifer and I made a few when she was in town last weekend from the Martha tutorial.  They aren’t perfect, but they helped make things festive!


We kept the cake pretty simple. I had grand plans of making monster face cake pops but they weren’t going so well, so I decided to do some sprinkled cake pops, monster cupcakes which my 5 year old helped with in placing the eyes and two jumbo cupcakes stacked together to make a little monster for my little monster. You can see them a bit in the decorations picture above. The kid ate his entire jumbo cake, and loved every minute of it. The bib was made from this tutorial, which was simple and fun!

Cake Mosaic

Party favors were definitely the most fun part, and maybe the most time consuming. For the grown ups, I made Monster Cookies in a jar for them to take home and make. The kiddos each got a knit or crochet monster to take home. Big thanks to Sparkli for making a few and sending them to me so I would have enough! I printed adoption certificates that were available as a free printable. I hoped the kids would like them, but they were a huge hit!

Kids with Monsters

We had such a great time celebrating our little monster with friends and I had a blast getting the party together beforehand. I am, however, glad that the first birthday bash only happens once & that they only have one birthday a year. I need some time to recover!


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